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Cosmetics is our passion

The roots of the LeFleure brand go back to 1935. We have extensive experience in the production of perfumes and body cosmetics of all types and qualities.

Every time you apply our top cosmetics, you feel the results of scientific research. We are looking for a way to put together substances created by nature and humans so that they perfectly rejuvenate the skin and supply it with everything it needs.

You may be wondering why we didn't go the 100% natural cosmetics route. We fully respect her miraculous substances and we borrow many of them to LeFleure cosmetics. But at the same time, we believe in scientific progress. That's why we use nanofiber technology, hyaluronic acid molecules and other latest substances.

And it is by combining the best of both worlds that we create effective cosmetics that are gentle on the skin. Soft, light, amazing.

And you help us with that too. Dozens of real women are involved in testing new products through our partner beauty salons. Thanks to you, we will fine-tune the composition and structure of the product to perfection.

James Reway, CEO

Let's work together

We provide fast and flexible contract production of cosmetics for a wide range of customers throughout Europe. Our goal is to provide excellent research and production services and provide turnkey services. Perfect service will allow your business to focus on its core business.

Our top team will guide you through the complex process of developing an original product, ideal for your needs and your target customers. We will develop a recipe according to your specifications, we have a wide range of our own proven recipes. We are interested in new trends in the field of active substances containing nano silver. We regularly participate in world exhibitions and congresses.

Bestsellers worldwide

Hydrating Booster
Drops Serum

Restorative Argan
Body Lotion

Purifying Cooling
Gel Scrub

Oxygen Therapy
Body Lotion

Gentle Eye
Make-up Remover

Collagen Anti
Age Cream

Antiviral scarf
with nanomembrane with silver

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